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Fashion and trends are by nature ever-changing and capricious, yet often predictable. Tidou puts these off-beat oscillations on pause, allowing essence and functionality to emerge. Tidou set in motion a twofold transformation: not simply a frame, but an extraordinary frame.

Tidou represents those seeking simplicity, quality and durability.

One material above all: titanium, one design above all: minimalist, functional, precise, one intuition above all: exclusive screw-free hinge, but only for those who know how to stand out from the crowd and are sure of their choices.

Light, resistant, indestructible: titanium is a precious element by nature.

Tidou is a true icon of perfection in design and material.

The minimalism and precision of the design become tangible through the perfection of titanium; a light and precise frame with no interruptions and no compromises, instead of adding, we subtracted.

The screws are gone: the unique and essential intuition of the snap-fit hinge becomes a distinctive feature of the exclusive front-piece. Two small, parallel lines which pause the superfluous and allow the temples to adapt to every wearer with soft precision and incredible weightlessness.

Less pressure, more comfort, better life

By wearing Tidou's essential quality, comfort and pure functionality glasses, the wearers distinguish themselves from the monotonous, nondescript masses.

For those who know how to be, for those who know how to choose.

and that's Tidou eyewear.

TiDOU Optical

TiDOU - BETA Titanium/Acetate Optical Frames - TP12-02

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