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Established in 2013 by two entrepreneurs, Black Optics Ltd launches its Online Eyewear Store "Black Ceremony" with the aim to produce the most Black Framed Glasses selection available online globally.  With over 20years of experience in Eyewear manufacturing and design, Black Ceremony will be producing countless designs and introducing new materials into our products in the days to come.


Black frame glasses are here to stay.  Wherever you go, you will always see people wearing black framed glasses more than any other colour.  This is simple, styles come and go all the time, some achieve a short period of popularity time then vanish into thin air and some don't even get to lift off, but black will always be in style.

  • Black is elegant, classic, chic, trendy, fashionable, timeless and every individual owns a fashion piece in black.
  • While styles have changed throughout history to incorporate modern innovations, black framed glasses will always convey the classic look.  
  • Materials such a acetate being used for thick black glasses maintain lightweight and comfort throughout the day. 
  • Black framed glasses compliment your face, adds definition and goes well with any complexion, no matter the tone of your skin.
  • Smart professional or the nerd? As fashion evolves, the geek chic is here to stay.  It is no longer only worn by the nerdy computer kid that sits in the back of the lab.
  • From students to the office to celebrities, men or women, fashionable and favoured by all.
  • Draws focus to the face, drawing attention and bringing out your best features.
  • Black is the easiest colour to put together with any costume and hair colour. Worn by millions around the world and will be here for a very long time

"Think Black Eyewear, Think Black Ceremony"

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Rm 18-21, 7/f, Blk B, Proficient Industrial Ctr,
6 Wang Kwun Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 3590-3370
Email: cs@black-optics.com

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